DreamPower is a company that develops and produces advanced collectibles. It has three different sublines: DreamPower, DreamWalkers and DreamTribe.

DreamPower: Mainly focuses on the development of large scales, classic models and industry symbolic models.
The details, materials and assembly of DreamPower are all of extremely high standards. The scale of the products mainly includes 1:6 /1:12 /1:18 /1:43.

DreamWalkers: Mainly develops original designed products, with the scales of 1:12 /1:18 /1:43.

DreamTribe: Mainly develops military models, with the scales of 1:3 /1:6 /1:12 /1:16.

DreamPower, DreamWalkers, DreamTribe can all provide high-end private customized products of any scale and quality requirements.