Reproduction is not always art, but its mystery will not be reduced... --Sir Enst H. Gombrich’s "Art and Illusion".

It is extremely difficult for recreate any product. Because in our eyes, recreation a product is not only about reproducing its shape, but more about representing its intrinsic value--the historical and cultural heritage of the brand, the original development concept and the idea of the designer. In other words, the utmost value of a product is its soul.

How to understand and capture these key points is extremely difficult. Therefore we need to research and explore constantly and try different ways to find the solution.

From the project design to the 3D-ProE data design and modeling, DreamPower will relentlessly develop and make physical data models, and repeatedly review the real pictures and literature to find out the key points that need to be represented, rather than just reshowing its shape. After completing the product development and design stage, we will decide which materials to use and molding technology to implement and finally execute bulk manufacturing. We do not have a fixed production mode because each shape and each type of production method have its own uniqueness, just like art has a variety of forms. It is important that we can choose the right way to express the theme we need to present.

The Art and soul of the product itself will cost us more time to explore and then constantly adjust all relevant execution procedures... for example, how to select materials, trade-offs in product details, fit of assembly processes, solution of the surface paint, and the integrity of the engineering details. This is a hard process, but we have always been dreaming of creating high-quality collectibles of true value, faith, and aspiration.

That is why, we are persistent and dedicated! And enjoying it.

With faith, even the most ordinary work will be sacred!